Writing books to empower and inspire.


Your Whole Body

An inclusive book about the human body, from head to toe and everything in between.


Early Sex Ed

Information on the value of early sex education, what to teach when, and advice on how to teach it.

    Book Reviews

    Reviews of children’s books related to sex education and bodies evaluated across several dimensions.


      Posts about the self-publishing process and the progress of publishing Your Whole Body.


      Happy half term, everybody! If you already feel like it’s getting a bit hectic (or maybe you’ve just got that Monday feeling), check out our list of brilliant books to help everyone calm down: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/booklists/c/calming-mindfulness/

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      JUST RELEASED: YRBS Data Summary & Trends Report—a decade of #AdolescentHealth trends. Explore important trends in 24 variables, including #MentalHealth, substance use, violence, sexual risk behaviors, and more. https://bit.ly/3odfrFo #CDCYRBS

      Hello, fellow parents. What books do parents recommend for kids to learn about puberty? Everything seems out of date. Subjects like: Bodies, hair, consent, Internet?

      “Protecting children from sexual abuse must be one of the highest priorities for every person who cares about the health and well-being of kids.” – @MadisonAreaYMCA
      #FiveDaysofAction https://bit.ly/3jjt4PJ

      Welcoming the questions about your child’s changing body and sexual issues — and not treating them as dirty or embarrassing subjects — will help foster a healthy sense of self-acceptance in your child. https://bit.ly/2Et4CMH https://kidshealth.org

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