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Media Kit

The Media Kit includes basic information about the book, its purpose, the author, and the illustrator. It also includes quotes from professionals in child sexual abuse prevention, sex education, and gender inclusion spaces.

Social Media Images

Are you a child advocate, sexuality educator, body positive proponent, or children's book reviewer?


Or maybe you're someone who learned about Your Whole Body and wants to help spread the word!

Whoever you are, thank you!

Feel free to reuse any of the images below to share about the book. If you prefer to make your own posts, there's an image package at the bottom.

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Before February 8, 2022, please share the "available for preorder now" posts.

On and after February 8, 2022, please share the "Available Now" posts.

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8.5" x 8.5"

44 pages

Where to buy

Arctic Flower Publishing

  • Hardcover

  • Softcover

  • PDF and ePUB eBooks


  • Softcover

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Release Date

February 8, 2022