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4 reasons why Safety Circles can and should change over time

Your kid’s safety circle CAN AND SHOULD change over time.

A safety circle may change for several reasons:

🌟 Your kid no longer interacts with an adult in the safety circle (for example, a teacher they once had)

🌟Your kid is no longer close to one of the adults (it happens–people change over time)

🌟 There are new adults in your kid’s life who make sense to add (like a new friend’s parent)

⚠️ !!!One of the adults broke a body safety rule!!! and should be removed from the circle**

Talk yearly with your kid about who belongs in their safety circle. Make it a tradition for November 18, International Day to End Child Sexual Abuse, solidifying who is in the safety circle before the holidays when risks rise with guests, stress, and babysitters.

And remember, do NOT pressure your kid to add or keep anyone in their safety circle. Your kid might have a reason for not including that person. If you feel it’s necessary, ask, but do so carefully. Come from a place of curiosity rather than pressure.

** Kids MUST understand that trusted adults can break body safety rules just like anyone else! See my previous post on this!

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