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Even Trusted Adults Can Break Body Safety Rules

Anyone might break a body safety rule–even a trusted adult in your kid’s safety circle. Your kid must understand this.

Your kid must also understand that if a trusted adult breaks a body safety rule, they should tell one of the other adults in their safety circle.

We cannot put children in a position where they believe someone’s actions are ok just because they are “good” or “trusted” people.

Remember, a person can break a body safety rule with actions like forcing a hug, tickling after your kid says stop, and asking your kid to keep a secret. And because you invited the trusted adults to your kid’s safety circle (see upcoming post), they know your kid’s body safety rules. Ignorance is no excuse.

But maybe they forgot.


It’s up to you and your kid whether to give them another chance. But if you do, give them only one. By now, they should know better.


So, how do you talk to your kid about this?

Your conversation doesn’t have to be fraught. You can simply say, “remember, no one should break your body safety rules, and if anyone - including someone in your safety circle - breaks a body safety rule, tell another adult in your safety circle.”

Are you worried your kid will become afraid to trust anyone? Studies by Professor Sandy Wurtele show that children who learn body safety principles do not become more fearful. Phew!

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