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Update - International Shipping Delays

I wish I had better news. It's looking like "Your Whole Body" will be significantly delayed.

The print job in China is expected to be completed the week of September 27th, on schedule. Normally, it would take 4-6 weeks to get to the US, which would put the delivery times to US ports around end of October through mid November.

However, two big events are causing delays.

The first is a COVID outbreak in Yantian, China, causing the departure ports to operate at limited capacity and causing delays for shipments leaving China. The second is congestion at US ports, causing ships to anchor out of port for weeks before they can dock. As a result, it will likely be at least 7-10 weeks for the books to arrive in the US. However, it looks like the port congestion on the west coast is projected to get worse, so I believe it will take even longer.

Here's the update from the shipping team: “Due to the recent outbreak at Yantian causing ports to operate at limited capacity, we are currently experiencing shipping delays with the ports (both departure and arrival). For those of you that are awaiting your shipments, please keep in mind that in addition to delayed departures, some shipments are waiting weeks to dock at the US border port and to be processed through customs before departing to their local port. We do hope this will clear up soon and will do our best to keep you updated if your shipment is affected.”

Thank you for understanding!

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