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Using Books to Discuss Body Safety Principles

Books are a magical way to introduce challenging concepts to kids, and this book is a great example!

We got ‘The Magic Dreidels’ by Eric Kimmel from the library last week, and it turned out to be an ideal opportunity to talk about some Body Safety Principles!

📚 Summary: A young boy gets a magic dreidel from a goblin and shows it to his neighbor. His neighbor “cleans” it for him and gives him back a *different* dreidel. When the boy tells his mother about the magic dreidel, she doesn’t believe him. He tries to show her how it works, and nothing happens. The situation repeats itself before the boy and the goblin hatch a plan to get his magic dreidels back from the neighbor (I’m not a fan of how they did it, which was another opportunity to talk!).

​​📚 Conversation: When I read this to my son, we paused several times. I talked about how the neighbor was a “tricky” person–she took something without asking and lied. I also talked about how hurtful and confusing it must have been for the boy to have his mother not believe him and told my son that *I* would believe him.

It was a lovely opportunity to discuss safety concepts we’ve been talking about in our home.

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