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Using Kickstarter

Intro to Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that helps bring creative projects to life.

Creators share projects that need funding to be completed, and Backers help collectively fund those projects in exchange for exclusive rewards. If the Creator does not meet their goal within the designated timeline, then they don't get any of the money and the Backers are not charged any money. If the Creator does meet their goal, then the Backer will receive their exclusive reward for backing the project!

The 'Your Whole Body' Kickstarter

(this description is for the browser view of Kickstarter)

'Your Whole Body' needs to reach $10,000 by May 27th in order to be successfully funded.

Before you can help 'Your Whole Body' get funded, you need a Kickstarter account! You can sign up here.

You can reach the 'Your Whole Body' Kickstarter by going to or

On the 'Your Whole Body' Kickstarter page, you will first see a video where I talk about why I wrote 'Your Whole Body' and quick instructions on how to back the project. You can scroll down to see a more detailed write-up about the book, the author (me!) and illustrator (Misha!), the production timeline, and how the funds will be spent.

As you scroll down, there are descriptions of each reward tier on the right hand side. Please note - shipping is not included in the displayed price!

Using Kickstarter

Check out Kickstarter's guide here or keep reading for how to support 'Your Whole Body' using Kickstarter!

There are several ways that you can "back" the 'Your Whole Body' (aka "pledge" or "purchase a reward tier").

  • You can click the "Back this project" button next to the video.

  • You can click the "Back this project" button from the menu under the video.

  • You can click a reward tier.

If you click one of the "Back this project" buttons, you will be brought to a new screen that let's you see descriptions for each reward tier and let's you select the reward that interests you.

After you select a reward tier, it will let you select a "pledge amount". Kickstarter auto-populates this with the reward tier price, and let's you increase it if you would like.

If you click a reward tier directly from the main page, it lets you select a "pledge amount" as well.

After you've entered your pledge amount, it will bring you to a purchase screen where you can enter your credit card information and complete your pledge!

Thank you!!!

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