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What is CSA?

CSA stands for Child Sexual Abuse.

Before continuing, know that the post below describes what actions constitute CSA. Although it doesn't go into details, it may be triggering for you.

Child sitting on the floor crying with a stuffed animal next to her.

Definition of CSA

  • CSA is any sexual activity between an adult and a child or between children where there is a significant age difference (over three years) or power dynamic.

  • Sexual activity is not limited to physical touch. Sexual activity is any behavior that meets the adult’s or older child’s sexual interest.

  • Sexual activity includes but is not limited to

    • Exhibitionism, or exposing oneself to a minor

    • Fondling

    • Sex of any kind with a child, including vaginal, oral, or anal

    • Masturbation in the presence of a child or forcing the child to masturbate

    • Obscene conversations, phone calls, text messages, or digital interaction

    • Producing, owning, or sharing pornographic images or movies of children

    • Sex trafficking

    • Any other contact of a sexual nature that involves a minor.

This definition may be broader than you expected. If this definition has made you suspect that you know a child who may be experiencing CSA, please call 1800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453), ChildHelp's 24 hour hotline, or reach out to other resources here.


Want to learn strategies for preventing CSA?


This definition combines definitions from RAINN and Stop It Now!


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