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Where in the world is Your Whole Body?

Where in the world is Your Whole Body?

Your Whole Body is in the Caribbean Sea! I now have tracking information for the freighter carrying it!!!

I’m super excited about this–I can watch Your Whole Body slowly creep up the East Coast of North America, and so can you! I’ve embedded the live map at

Check it out:

The freighter has just crossed the Panama Canal and is making its way north. As the freighter gets closer, remember there are still significant port delays, so it may sit for a few weeks in port before being unloaded.

Did you know?

There are two separate shipments of Your Whole Body: one to a distribution center on the West Coast and one to me on the East Coast. I’m hoping the shipment to the West Coast will arrive earlier than the shipment to the East Coast. If you are in the US and purchased a single copy of Your Whole Body with no add-ons, the distribution center will fulfill your order. Otherwise, I will.

November 18th is End Child Sexual Abuse Day

A few things you can do to recognize this day:

Educate yourself about the problem

Some great resources are The Mama Bear Effect, D2L, RAINN, NSVRC, and EndCAN.

Take courses on how to protect your family and community at Parenting Safe Children and Consent Parenting.

Learn the expected sexual development of children so you can recognize concerning signs from Sex Positive Families.

Talk about it

Normalize the conversation, remove the stigma, and RAISE AWARENESS!

Educate your child

Talk to your kid regularly about body safety. Some great authors with age-appropriate books on this topic are Jayneen Sanders, Kimberly King, and Robie Harris.


Contribute to national and local organizations that support survivors of CSA and work to prevent CSA.

Your local Child Advocacy Center is a great choice!

Some national organizations noted above include D2L, RAINN, NSVRC, and EndCAN.


If a child reports to you, believe them!

The coloring pages are here!!!

We promised coloring pages as one of our stretch goal rewards, and now they’re here! Misha has transformed a few of our favorite illustrations into beautiful line drawings. Check them out below and download them at!

Interested in more child safety tips?

Check out my Instagram page @yourwholebodybook! I’m currently working on a body safety series where I dive deep into each body safety principle. The current topic is Safety Circles.

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